Memory Collector


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Memory Collector

More than 20 years ago, Tom “Crusty” Cruikshank arrived unannounced at the Anchorage airport to find his version of happiness. Like many young men, he fantasized about life in the frozen North. Looking back, he regrets nothing. Follow Crusty on his annual caribou hunt, which ends up being more than simply about a new hat rack.

2014 Award Winning film

An Official Top 10 Selection at the Outdoor Film Festival

Real Avid — For The Life

Real Avid -- For The Life

Mission Specific Tools and Gear

Missions give us purpose. You love shooting and hunting. You know. You hunger to see, smell, hear, feel; experience. At Real Avid, we do, too.

We seek our own path. To invent smarter solutions for real world problems of hunters and shooters. We created the only multi-tools for guns and the first lighted hunting knives. We long to earn a place in pursuit of your mission.

You’re all in with every muscle , every ounce of fortitude. We are too.

Tom “Crusty” Cruickshank’s mission is not to necessarily conquer, but to experience. He collects memories. Trophy, or not. Meat in the freezer, or not. Success? A life of outdoor adventure with no regrets.

For The Life

For The Life redefines who we are as a culture of outdoorsmen and what we should aspire to be.

For The Life redefines who we are as a culture of outdoorsmen and what we should aspire to be.

We have become a culture of “story fakers” rather than storytellers.

If we hope to maintain our outdoor heritage, and create a new generation of outdoors enthusiasts who want more than “deer porn” — something must change. Content that entertains and strikes deeper. Real story telling. Real people living interesting and meaningful outdoor lives.

For The Life sets out to tell the real stories of real people — not “scripted reality characters”. These are remarkable men and women defined not by what they are, but rather who they are.


Tom “Crusty” Cruickshank

Tom “Crusty” Cuickshank lives a life of which most outdoorsmen only dream. A full-time resident of Alaska, Crusty travels thousands of miles each year to pursue his hunting passions. Driven by more than trophies, more than meat for the table – he is the “Memory Collector.”

Howard Tripp

Howard is the keeper of a beautiful mind for the outdoors. He conceives and refines more ideas by breakfast than many men do in a lifetime. The road trip from Anchorage to Prudhoe Bay on which Howard joined Crusty threw jet fuel on that creative fire. The result is undeniable. Howard was executive producer/creative director, and assisted with photography.

Real Avid

Joe Sir

Joe’s attention to detail, skills, and creativity have earn him an ongoing scroll of accolades as producer of dramas, news, and documentaries. The long, rough ride to Alaska’s North Slope in an old truck put every skill to the test. Joe filmed, edited and scored “Memory Collector.”

Rizen Media

Steve Pennaz

Steve is the visionary behind the Everfire Group built on his 30 years in the outdoors and television industries. He and his highly respected team took on the “Memory Collector” film to benchmark their position in the documentary and short film universe. The stake’s solidly in the ground.

Everfire Group

Nick Grzechowiak

Nick discovered Crusty via social media. A few more phone calls left him certain Crusty’s story was one demanding to be told. Turning to friends Howard Tripp and Joe Sir for their superlative talents, Nick connected the dots to make “Memory Collector” an award-winning reality. Nick also served as co-producer.

Real Avid